Classroom Updates

Welcome to our Kindergarten Blog!

      We have had a wonderful start to our school year. The kids have been adjusting well to all of the big changes.  This month we are focusing on the ocean and sea life and incorporating it into our lessons and activities.  So far we have practiced the letters C , O, and next week will be the letter S.  Along with the letters we have also practiced the numbers 1 -3.  We have been working on fine motor skills such as: cutting, gluing, and writing.  We have also met our fifth grade buddies.  The kids were overjoyed, both fifth and kindergarten.  It was an exciting moment!!

     We are excited for our upcoming field trip to Leo Carrillo on Friday, September 21st.  We will be sending out the information this week.

Please make sure to check out our Kindergarten Gallery weekly to see what we have been up to in the classroom.  If you are unsure how to access it we will be sending directions soon.

Stay tuned! 🙂