Classroom Updates

Welcome to our Kindergarten Blog!

We have had such a wonderful start to our Kindergarten year! The ocean unit is one of our favorites, along with our fun-filled, educational trip to Leo Carrillo State Beach. The pictures from that field trip will be uploaded to the gallery soon!

The children have been practicing the letters C, O, S, A, and D (we like to practice making these using play-dough, kinetic sand, and even shaving cream, too!) In our language arts centers, we’ve worked on beginning sounds, “AT” word families, phonetic “kid-writing”, and reading comprehension.

In math, we’ve been practicing the numbers 2-6. We’ve been doing many fun activities like sorting shells, creating repeating patterns using sea creatures, and learning how to make number sentences.

The children have been bonding with their 5th grade reading buddies. The 5th graders often check on them at lunch or just come over to say hello and give a hug. So sweet!

On Monday, October 23rd we will be going to Underwood Family Farms. In the coming week, the permission slip can be found under the “Field Trip Permission Slips” link on our blog and will be e-mailed out.

Please make sure you check the gallery for photos! We upload hundreds weekly!